Monday, August 1, 2011

Day 25: BST (Bacon, Spinach and Tomato)

My apologies for the delay, MLG and playing with fire (yes I mean that literally) kinda ate my weekend so these are a bit behind.  Day 25 was a pretty simple if really tasty version of the classic BLT.  Personally, I've never really liked them, but I figured I'd try making a slightly healthier version.

This was incredibly straightforward, so I'm just going to set it out for you.  I started by cooking up two pieces of bacon in a small non-stick saute pan.  I cut each piece in half so it would fit more easily and easier control (I'll get to that in a second).  While it cooked I toasted a sandwhich roll that I had dug out some of the extra bread (to reduce the bread to stuff ratio).  Once the toasting was complete I toss on some spinach and a slice of tomato while waiting for the all important bacon to be ready.

One note on the bacon, and this applies to pretty much any application where you cook bacon in a pan.  You have to hold it down as it starts to cook in order to keep it flat.  A lot of people do this by buying a big chunk of metal and putting it on the bacon, I'm lazy and follow the Alton Brown school of thought with regard to kitchen tools.  Instead I just use a pair of tongs to hold the bacon down in place for a couple of seconds, after which it will keep itself in place.  Once the bacon is done, it goes on top and the sandwich goes in your belly.

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