Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 32: Hasbrown yum yums

Well, breakfast is upon us once again.  With all the leftover onions and peppers I decided it was time to utilize them the next morning.  I went for a pretty hearty (if not good for my heart) breakfast.  Hashbrowns, with some bacon and salami shredded up and mixed in.  It isn't complicated, but it makes a great and filling breakfast for fairly little work.

I started with two pieces of bacon sliced into very thin strips.  They went into a non-stick pan to render down while I pulled out the hashbrown mix (I've tried making my own, but it never quite works out right).  With the bacon rendered down I tossed the hashbrown mix in with the bacon strips and grabbed my seasonings.  Salt, Emeril's Essence, some garlic powder and pepper all went in and got mixed together.  With the potatoes seasoned and starting to cook, I tossed in the onions and peppers.  They didn't take long to heat through, and were already cooked, so it was time for the final touch.  Cheese!  I shredded some cheddar cheese and sprinkled it on the top as I turned off the heat.  It added just the right touch on top as I plated up.

That wraps up the breakfast entry, and day 32.  Hopefully I'll be able to throw down two more tomorrow and catch up completely.  A bit over one month down and I'm really enjoying myself, and keep having new things I want to try and a justification to do it.

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