Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 27: Crepes with Strawberries

Ok, I've been away from this for entirely too long.  I've been keeping up with the cooking part, but the good old real life has kept me from updating properly.  So here goes a whole bunch real quick back to back.

First up, Crepes.  I've never actually tried making them before so I decided it was time to give them a proper shot.  First and foremost, it turns out that crepes need at least an hour or two to set after you mix them up, otherwise you get a giant mess of bubbles instead of an actual batter that you can pour out.  Second, if you wait longer than 3-4 hours (say 8) you have to briefly re-mix with a spoon or something similar as the batter separates a bit.

What goes into the batter is exceedingly simple, flour, butter, salt, sugar (for sweet crepes), milk, eggs, and a bit of booze if you want (I went with rum, but any sweet liquor will work).  Basically you pour the whole mess in a blender (yes a blender, trust me) and give it a whirl.  The only complicated part is that you have to make sure you melt the butter before putting it in, otherwise it doesn't mix right.

Once the batter is mixed, it goes in the fridge for a while to settle out and reduce the bubblage and you go do something else.  After it has settled, you grab a non-stick frying pan, lube it up with some butter, wait for it to be heated and then pour in your first crepe.  Give it about a minute to brown around the edge, then flip it, wait another minute or so before taking it out and giving it to the dog (or cat, or kid who doesn't care).  Yes, that is what I meant to say, I will bet good money that your first crepe will break, not be browned, curl on you or some other disfigurement.  Well, that's what I discovered anyway.  With your first one done, adjust the heat as needed to either speed up or slow down the browning process and try again, odds are it'll be better, but if you screw up again, no worries the dog\cat\kid is probably still hungry.  Just work your way through the batch and enjoy.  Personally, I went for some fresh strawberries on top, but you can go with pretty much whatever you want (and in fact, I probably will in the future).

And with that, Crepes down, only 4 more entries to go in order to catch up.  See you shortly.

My recipe:
I used Alton Brown's Crepe recipe with the "sweet" modification as seen here.

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