Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 31: Steak Fajitas

Not much to look at I'm afraid, but steak fajitas were on the family menu for day 31.  The meal wasn't very complex so I'm going to keep things simple.  I sauteed some steak strips, sweated down some onions and peppers, and added the leftover mango mixture from the night before.

The steak strips were simply seasoned with some salt, pepper, a bit of chipotle pepper powder and some ground cumin.  It went into a frying pan with some plain canola oil (mexican is one of the few styles where I default to canola instead of olive oil).  The beef went in for about 3-4 minutes which is all it took for it to cook through.  The onions and peppers were equally simple, some salt, some cumin a low heat until it turned translucent.  At this point I tossed in a bit of lime juice and booze (tequila to be precise).  The result was precisely what I wanted and I was quite pleased.

It made for a simple, easy, tasty dish that everyone could enjoy, especially with a bit of cheese and the leftover mango mix.  The onions and peppers were probably the most complex component, and only because they required slicing and temperature control, they also had the most left over and featured in the next day's breakfast, which turned out quite well (and is coming up shortly).

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