Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 33: Chocolate Covered Cream Puff

I spent the day up in Baltimore and while there a friend of mine introduced me to an incredible little shop in Baltimore's Little Italy (I didn't realize there was one, but hey apparently it exists).  Walking into the shop was quite the surprise.  Tucked around the corner from the inner harbor and the new high rises this place was a surprise (I should note that I unfortunately don't remember what the name of it was...).

Inside was a pretty impressive layout of every sweet and delicious baked good you could want.  Cupcakes, cookies, pies, and my personal selection, cannolies as big as your forearm (they were actually larger around than my forearm, but about the right length) along with an impressive selection of gratinas (ices) and gelato.  Personally, I went the mini cannoli (also known as a cream puff).  They looked incredible, and I took my friend's word that the filling was one of the best things in the shop.  Turns out, he was right.

The chocolate icing on top was rich, thick and delicious.  The pastry itself was tender, and an awesome vehicle for the cream contained within.  Unfortunately it wasn't the perfect vehicle as I discovered.  This pastry was so fully filled with delicious cream that it kinda exploded on my chin as I bit into it the first time.  Thankfully all was not lost.  The cream was so thick, creamy and rich that I didn't lose any, just took a bit on the face.  The rest of the pastry was something of a challenge to devour without losing any of the cream or icing, but I managed (I was pretty dedicated to eating the entirety of this delicious dessert).  My other meals in the inner harbor were much less satisfying, but this was delicious and absolutely worth a quick walk off the tourist path.

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