Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 29: COOKIES! (of the Butterscotch Variety)

Ok, gonna add a few more in here and finally try to catch up properly while catching up on Next Food Network Star.  So, day 29 I found myself with a cookie craving and a bag of butterscotch chips.  So, unlike the last cookie approach, I decided to go for that flavor, and a softer gooier cookie instead of the crisper cookie I went for last time.

Every chip based cookie has the same baseline, whether its a soft, thick chocolate chip, a thin crisp macadamia nut, or a butterscotch cookie that's in between.  The famous Tollhouse recipe based on sugar, butter, milk, flour and eggs is the starting point, but you can adjust it in order to get the texture you want for your cookie.  In my case I went for more brown sugar, less milk and one whole egg, with one egg yolk.  The result was a softer thinner cookie that ran all over the cookie sheet, but was a perfect texture.

On the other hand, as I'm sure you noticed in the photo at the top, there is a downside to gooie deliciousness running everywhere on the cookie sheet.  Namely they all spread out together into one giant super cookie.  I'm fairly sure the main reason was that I scooped out portions that were too large, and needed to do two batches instead of trying to cram them all onto one sheet.  Oh well they still tasted great and it let me choose my own cookie size each time I tore part of the giant uber cookie off to munch on it.  Next we head back to dinner.

Today's recipe:
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