Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 10: Chicken Pesto Sandwhich

The pesto returns!  Today is a leftovers day.  The pesto from last night and the chicken from two nights ago have been calling to me and demanding that they be used once again.  Lunch was a simple chicken pesto sandwich.  With the chicken and pesto already made there was practically nothing to be done besides scoop out a bit of a hollow in the bread, mix the chicken and pesto, add some salami and provolone and then enjoy.  Personally, that is exactly my type of lunch, something easy and lazy that you can just throw together.

There are a few things worth noting about the sandwich that applies to them in general.  First, when you have these type of sandwich rolls I almost always think there's too much bread, so I scooped out a little trough to make room for the extra chicken.  Second, make sure you toast the bread.  It adds to the texture (especially if you don't have any veggies to put on there) but it also helps keep it from absorbing moisture and condiments if you put those on.  When I say scoop it out before adding in the goodies, it'll look kinda like this when you do that:
 The photo angle is not the best, but you'll have a little boat of bread around the meat.  It works really well with things like tuna or chicken salad, or pretty much any food that you think of scooping rather than laying out when putting it on a sandwich.

That's pretty much it, I made a really tasty sandwich that will definitely become a standard tool in my arsenal against mid day hunger (particularly when I have pesto around).  Tomorrow I'll do something a little different for Friday and hope to continue doing that.  And now I'm off, my computer is full of games and calling my name.

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