Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 6: Pancakes!

The last day of my trip got off to a very slow start, thus a mid afternoon brunch.  Now, I know that everyone has had pancakes so I'm not going to spend too much of your time describing the flat wonderful cakes that every American kid (and plenty of adults) knows and loves.  However, if you're only allowed to eat one set of pancakes for a year, they better be good ones.  The pancakes from the Blue Moon Diner in Charlottesville are just the cakes for this.  Beyond the delicious flavor and incredible texture of their cakes, Blue Moon offers art on a plate as well.  The classic powdered sugar sprinkled on top comes in a multitude of different styles, from the brothers on my plate to the aviator on my girlfriend's.
But wait there's more!  The diner's atmosphere is a fantastic experience.  From the decorations behind the bar to the fresh ground coffee, the place radiates that wonderful hipster charm that makes this type of diner a draw to the wide range of customers keeping the place full and busy even at 2PM on a Sunday afternoon.  The record player behind the bar keeps the place full of classic rock, pop and other assorted tunes, and with a huge sample lining the walls and windows of the diner, I don't think they're going to have very many repeats.
I'm not a breakfast person, but this diner makes me reconsider just a little bit.  I'm back home now and looking forward to trying a couple meals that came to mind while hitting the restaurant scene.  I haven't quite decided what tomorrow has on tap, but with one week almost finished I'm not worried about my inspiration yet.

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