Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 15: Crab Cake

My apologies for the late entry, but the Glitch Mob concert got first dibs on my attention last night.  However, before going I stopped by Rapture for a nice meal.  For those of you who haven't been there before, Rapture is an interesting experience.  The open kitchen in the front serves up a selection of classic Americana while the bar in the back and the pool tables upstairs cater to a slightly different goal.  Late in the evenings it turns into the host to a wide variety of musical tastes ranging from pop dance parties to industrial and skaa.  I've been here a few times before and was unimpressed by their burger (it wasn't bad, just nothing special) but at the suggestion of several friends I headed back to try something else.

For my return trip I decided to give their crab-cake a shot.  It was certainly a step up from the burger, but still nothing really worth writing home about.  The dish came in two largely separate parts, the cake itself on top of a lightly spiced sauce and three fried balls of rice with a bit of Cajun spice and flavor.  Unfortunately this also splits the good and bad parts of the meal.  The crab cake was flavorful, well prepared and fully sated my crab craving.  The rice on the other hand showed the downside to trying something creative.  The exterior of the balls was crispy and a really nice, the interior however was a mushy clump of overcooked rice.  The flavor was there and pretty good, but the texture was just off putting. 

The overall meal was certainly satisfying, and the crab cake in particular was good, but the overall meal suffered from the overcooked rice.  While I wouldn't recommend it with nearly the enthusiasm of my previous two visits its still a safe bet that you'll enjoy your meal and get your money's worth from a visit to Rapture.  The meal was pretty good, and the 8oz Saison I had for $3.50 was quite good as well as nice and cheap for a restaurant beer.  And the great time I had at the concert right after the meal probably helped my positive feelings regarding the trip.

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