Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 17: COOKIES! (Chocolate Chip to be Precise)

I'm going to keep tonight fairly short and simple.  I wanted cookies, chocolate chip ones to be precise.  Unfortunately, I'm not exactly "good" at baking, and while we had the necessary supplies on hand it was only just barely.  Unlike almost every other meal I've made so far, this started with me going to google for a recipe.  The same one showed up pretty much everywhere, and while it isn't the classic "Tollhouse" recipe its close.  (as a matter of fact, its this recipe) Unfortunately, as you may notice, that is a recipe for 4 dozen cookies, and I just don't need that many.

So I cut the recipe in half and started hunting for the ingredients.  I had the butter, flour and chocolate chips, but sugar turned out to be something of a difficulty.  I had rought 3/8s of a cup of dark brown sugar, and about 3/8s of a cup of light brown sugar.  This lead to some difficulty simply because the dark brown sugar was old enough that getting it to pack down into the measuring cup was a royal pain.  I wound up having to just eyeball the difference between the amount I wanted and how much I had.  I got close, but I don't think I was spot on.  Unfortunately the regular sugar had a similar problem.  I didn't have half a cup of normal sugar, only about 3/8s of a cup.  I tried topping it off with confectioners sugar, but that doesn't have quite the same volume to weight ratio.  Once again, I had to eyeball it a bit, and while I was close I don't think I got it quite right.

Anyway, I creamed the butter, tossed in the wet ingredients, mixed them together and then added the flour and baking soda.  The mixture got combined together with the chips only going in for about a minute right at the end.  I scooped it out with just a standard spoon onto a cookie sheet with some parchment paper on top.  The cookies went into the oven (as seen below) and I went to wait for golden, brown and delicious.
They never quite got there however.  Even after about 15 minutes they hadn't truly browned, and I decided to pull them out anyway.  They weren't golden, but they were delicious.  I think I had just a bit too much sugar and maybe should have cooked them at a slightly higher temperature to get the colour I wanted.  Oh well, I still got cookies out of it, and ate them the best way I know of, with a glass of chocolate milk (made from my earlier chocolate sauce).

Today's Recipe:
As linked above, all credit to people who aren't me.

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