Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 19: Grilled Flank Steak with

 Tonight I'm afraid the final meal photo didn't come out properly, so you just get the steak.  Anyway, tonight's meal will also be a simple entry, mostly because it was prepared by my brother so I don't know a whole lot of what went into it.  The main part of the meal was a grilled flank steak, marinated in a blend of oil, spices, and herbs.  I know that it had some cilantro, garlic powder and red wine in it, and knowing him I'm sure it also had a bit of heat mixed in as well, although I don't know what he used for it.  It marinated for about 5-6 hours before getting a quick rub in salt, pepper and a bit of oil and hitting the grill.

The rest of the meal was some simply prepared brown rice (saute in olive oil with some onions, and then bubbled in chicken stock and water until soft) and some grilled asparagus.  The asparagus got a coating of what I can best describe as a really good Italian dressing (oil, vinegar, some additional seasonings I'm afraid I don't know what they were).  After a couple minutes on the grill they were nicely softened and actually quite good.  The meal as a whole was fairly simple but quite tasty and something I'll probably be thinking about when I get started on some beef dishes of my own.

With that I'm going to call it an evening, I've got something a little more involved and a bit more advanced on tap for tomorrow, and after that we'll see what the week brings us.

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