Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 13: "40 Clove Chicken"

Tonight was my brother's "40 Clove Chicken".  It's another meal not made by me, but something I haven't ever tried before, and definitely something I'll hopefully be trying again.  The 40 clove chicken is something fairly simple and definitely something you have to try if you're a garlic fan.  The chicken is segmented and simply seasoned with the skin on.  A little bit of salt and pepper goes on top and then the chicken goes into a cast iron pan to brown the skin and exterior.  The whole thing gets then gets a wonderful bath of olive oil and tons of whole garlic cloves tossed in before the whole thing goes into the oven to roast.  As the chicken cooks through the garlic roasts and becomes really soft, almost like butter, and sweetens as well.  The end result is cloves of garlic with a mild garlic taste, a bit of sweetness and something that you can spread on bread with a knife (in fact we did just that.)

The rest of tonight's meal was fairly simple and nothing new.  We had a brussel sprout slaw on the side with a loaf of really nice crusty bread.  There's a ton of other things to pair this with obviously, pasta, rice, even potatoes would work wonderfully.  In fact, I'll probably wind up using the 40 clove chicken in the future to put with and\or over some other components in the future.  It strikes me as something that works really well with almost everything and definitely going to be something to use in the future.

Finally before I sign off I'm going to be traveling again for a few days so write-ups are likely to be delayed.  However, hopefully I'll be able to get back to making my own dishes over the next couple days and have a bit more to talk about than "my family cooks as well or better than I do".

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